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Legal Disclaimer

  This site and its contents are for Experimentation only, the devises mentions are for educational purposes, and are explained to further public knowledge. If used beyond these purposes it is without our consent and the viewers are exclusively responsible for there own actions.

  Except as expressly set fourth in the item description, H2O2FromH2O makes NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED warranties of any kind whatsoever about all merchandise listed on the site.

  H2O2FromH2O is not responsible for consequential, incidental or punitive damages of any kind whatsoever, H2O2FromH2O's liability is limited to the amount paid by Buyer including shipping/handling charges.

All merchandise may contain Lead (PB).


  All Hardware and Software posted on this site is Open Source Hardware/Software. What does this mean? 

  It was Created By Me H2O2FromH2O and I give it to you with the following restrictions.
1.  You can use these designs for personal use.
2.  Build them and sell them for a profit.
3.  Give them a unique name and sell them under your own
     company logo.
4.  You must always Identify all the open sources of  the design even
     if you improve on original design.
5.  The names I have given these devises are withheld
     from Open Source, They belong to H2O2FromH2O.
     Version Numbers are open Source Continue where I have left
     off to make it easier for the community  to upgrade there products.

  It has come from another Open Source or Public Domain source and the above restriction still apply.