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 Beta Testing Has Ended For V2.1.5 Official release date 3/3/2010



For all you DIY guys, Here is your opportunity to make the ZSpan Calibrator with minimal effort. We offer The Etched board so all you have to do is populate it with the components that you have acquired. Or perhaps you are interested in a Kit that has all the parts that are needed to make this an enjoyable experience. Just utilize your soldering skills and have fun. Now if you are short on time the ZSpan Calibrator Board is Available Assembled and ready for you to install in a DIY case.


                                                   Available  Products

ZSpan V2.1.4 PCB ZSpan V2.1.4 Kit ZSpan V2.1.4 Assembled  

       Solution Graphics

            Solution Graphics        Solution Graphics 
Sale Price $9.99 USD
Old Price $15.95 USD
Price $15.99 USD Price $25.99 USD
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Open Source Documents:

  • Schematics                     UnReleased
  • Parts Layout                   Released
  • Parts Positions                Released
  • Board Layout
  • Specifications
  • Calibration
  • Firmware                       Not Applicable
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Operating Instructions
  • Computer Software         Not Applicable


Message me if you are interested in this project, I find this device a huge time saver in my day to day calibrations.


Solution Graphics



  H2O2pwm 0002







        For all you DIY guys, Here is your 
   opportunity, to make the Power stick
   with minimal effort. We offer The Etched 
   board so all you have to do is populate
   it with the components
or If you don't 
   have a Laser Printer, then Get our Quality
paper transfers, It comes with multiple
   copies on a 4 inch by 6 inch Photo Basic
   Gloss paper. For a limited time we are 
   including small cuttings form unused 
   Paper Transfers to practice your overlay
   heating technique. For More Information
            Click here PowerStick.html


Powerstick V1 PCB
What will you get?  Click

     Price $8.95 USD
     Price $8.95 USD
Solution Graphics

Powerstick V1 PTOL
What will you get ?  Click

     Price $3.50 USD
     Price $3.50 USD
Solution Graphics