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H2O2-PWM Driver V2 - Upgrades a ZFF CCPWM

Have you purchased or built a Zero Fossil Fuel CCPWM V2, a CCPWM V2H or its Clone. Now you can improve your existing PWM unit, Add a real punch and Drive your MosFets Crazy Like My H2O2-PWM V2 Does. By turning your MosFet's On and Off Extremely fast it will significantly reduce the MosFet's Temperature. I suggest Installing 4 Mosfets and this unit will drive up to 8 MosFet's.
It is Compatible with Zero Fossil Fuel CCPWM V2 & CCPWM V2H or there clones.

Status: 31 PCB in stock, kits and completed boards will be available soon. Current Version: V2.1.0

           Update:  Documents Added, Part Position,Specifications, Instalation 2/7/2012
           Update:  Manufactured PCB are Available
           Update:   Beta Testing Has Ended 3/12/2011

 Do you have a PWM made by another manufacture? It my be possible to upgrade it by installing the H2O2_PWM Driver V2. If you have Documentation for your PWM I would be happy to take a look and see if the H2O2-PWM Driver V2 is compatible, Please message me and I will take a look!


                                          H2O2-PWM Driver V2.1.0

Raw PCB  Kit Coming Soon Completed & Tested pcb  

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Solution Graphics Solution Graphics
Sale Price $3.25 USD
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Sale Price $15.95 USD
Regular Price $21.95 USD
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 Video Links:

   #43 H2O2 - PWM Driver V2 In Development Part 1 of 2

   #44 H2O2 - PWM Driver V2 In Development Part 2 of 2




  Snapshot 1, Snapshot 2, Snapshot 3, Snapshot 4, Snapshot 5, Snapshot 6


Open Source Documents:

  • Part Description            Upgrade A ZFF CCPWM V2 into A H2O2-PWM V2
  • Physical Dimensions         W 1.0in X D 1.0in X H 0.35in  (W 2.5cm X D 2.5cm X H1.0cm)
  • Bill of Materials           Text BOMAutomatic BOM
  • Schematics                  PDF(Page 1)
  • Parts Positions             PDF(Page1)
  • Board Layout                Pending
  • Specifications              PDF(Page 1)
  • Calibration                 Not Needed
  • Firmware                    Not Needed
  • Assembly Instructions       PDF(Page 1)
  • Operating Instructions      Pending
  • Computer Software           Not Needed