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Build a ZFF-CCPWM  V2.1 - With Constant Current Pulse Width Modulation

Are you interested in building the Original Open Source PWM Designed by Zero Fossil Fuel. This Printed Circuit Board will allow you to do just that. It is designed to allow the original circuit to function just as ZFF had intended, Or you can take it to the next level by just adding a few more components. In doing so you are building the H2O2-PWM V2 with Through hole Parts. This Board is designed to be a Zero Fossil Fuel CCPWM V2 or CCPWM V2H or H2O2-PWM V2. It is also compatable with the expantion Board H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2.

Status:  Superseded By H2O2-PWM PTH V2.1.9  Want To Know More?        This Version: V2.1.9

          Update:  Added Operating Instructions/Manual   3/7/2012
          Update:  Added Parts Position Document & Calibration Doc  2/11/2012
           Update H2O2-PWM PTH V2 Boards have arived
           Update Beta testing has ended   7/12/2011
           Update Devrlopment Starded On H2O2-PWM PTH V2  4/18/2011


H2O2-PWM PTH V2.1.9 Configurable as ZFF-CCPWM


H2O2-PWM PTH V2 as a ZFF CCPWM V2.1H - Printed Circuit Board(PCB)

For all you DIY guys, Here is your opportunity to make the ZFF-CCPWM V2 with minimal effort. We offer The Etched board so all you have to do is populate it with the components that you have obtained.

H2O2-PWM PTH V2 as a ZFF CCPWM V2.1H - DIY Kit

Perhaps you are interested in a Kit that has all the parts that are needed to make this an enjoyable experience. Just utilize your soldering skills and have fun.

H2O2-PWM PTH V2 as a ZFF CCPWM V2.1H - Assembled:

The ZFF-CCPWM V2.1H Clone is available as a fully assembled and tested board. The Board is a H2O2-PWM PTH V2 configured to be a ZFF CCPWM V2.1H All the feature you would expect are on this PWM, Auto Current Limiting, Adjustable Frequency. 12Vdc or 10Vdc Fan power selectable, connect 2 Mosfets, Optional Duty Cycle override.  It will fit in a Velleman G106 sealed die cast aluminum enclosure, or your custom case. It is also compatible with the expansion Board H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2. Visit the Technical page or the Store for more information. Note: This item is only the controller, there are other parts required to complete this project. See This Link!


Raw PCB  Kit With PCB Assembled & Tested PCB

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Solution Graphics Solution Graphics

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