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H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2 V2.1.3    H202 PN:10155 Rev. B H2O2FromH2O
To order parts follow this link and Add Mouser part # and Qty and Dont forget to add The Designator into Your Part # Field -
Designator P/N Qty Foot Print H2O2FromH2O Part # Mouser Part # Description Substitute Parts #
C1,5 1000pF 2 Through Hole 420070 810-FK28X7R1H102K Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) - Leaded 1000pF 50V X7R 10%  
C4 47uF 1 Through Hole 420050 647-UVZ1V470MDD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Leaded 35volts 47uF 5x11 20% 2LS 647-UPJ1V470MED1TD
C6 22uF 2 Through Hole 420030 647-UVZ1V220MDD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - Leaded 35volts 22uF 5x11 20% 2LS  647-UVR1V220MDD1TD
J3 2P 2.54mm 1 Through Hole 500020 571-282834-2 Fixed Terminal Blocks 2P SIDE ENTRY 2.54mm 571-1546215-2
R1,3,4 1K ohm 1 Through Hole 800014 660-MF1/4DCT52R1001F Metal Film Resistors - Through Hole 1Kohms 1% 100PPM  
R2 470 ohm 1 Through Hole 800024 660-MF1/4DCT52R4700F Metal Film Resistors - Through Hole 1/4W 470 ohm 1%  
U1 LM324N 1 Through Hole 620010 512-LM324N Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Quad Operational Amp  
VR1 20K Pot 1 Through Hole 800014 72-T93XB-20K Trimmer Resistors - Through Hole 3/8" SQ H/ADJ 20K 594-64Z203
PCB Etched PCB 1 PTH Etched Board  10151 H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2.1.8 PCB H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2, Uses Through Hole Parts None Available