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H2O2-PWM Plus V2 - Pulse Width Modulation With ACL

A HHO Pulse Width Modulation Controller with Auto Current Limiting (ACL). This PWM adds a real punch to the original open source project. It utilizes a Pulse Width Modulation Chip to Make the Switching MosFet's run cooler. It does this by reducing the time it takes to turn on and off the MosFets. It is capable of running 8 MosFets so the sky is the limit for current control! This Open Source  board is based on the CCPWM V2 & CCPWM V2H originally designed by Zero Fossil Fuel. Version 2.1.9 is out and adds the following minor improvements: Optional Push button Switch for JP3, Fan plug now supports 12Vdc, and 10Vdc, so that 12V Fans can be used with 24Vdc Truck Systems. Improved Silk Screen.

Status:  Superseded by H2O2-PWM Plus V2.1.10  Want to Know More?               This Version: V2.1.9

           Update:   Released Rev B of Operation Manual  5/23/2014
           Update:   New Version has arived 2/14/2013
           Update:   Added Specification Document 5/20/2012
           Update  Added Parts Position Document 2/11/2012
           Update  Newly designed H2O2-PWM Plus V2.1.9 Will ship in place of the H2O2-PWM V2.1.8

Are you looking to build your own compleat PWM Check out H2O2-PWM Case V2. Chick Here!

For all you DIY guys, Here is your chance to build your own H2O2-PWM Plus V2 with a minimum of effort. We offer the etched board so all you have to do is populate it with the components that you have acquired. Maybe you are interested in a Kit that has all the parts that are needed to make this an enjoyable experience. Just utilize your soldering skills and have a lot of fun. Now if you are short on time the H2O2-PWM Plus V2 Board is Available Assembled tested and ready for you to install in your own DIY Case.This is the newest PWM Layout to be added to the H2O2FromH2O family of Pulse Width Modulators.

                                            H2O2-PWM Plus V2.1.9

Raw PCB  Kit Coming Soon Completed & Tested pcb  
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Sale Price $8.95 USD
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Regular Price $40.95 USD

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Regular Price $68.95 USD
  Solution Graphics  

 Video Links:

  Operation: Video#1, Video#12, Video#13, Video#14, Video#17, Video#19, Video#21Video#22



  Snapshot 1, Snapshot 2, Snapshot 3, Snapshot 4, Snapshot 5, Snapshot 6


Open Source Documents:

  • Part Description              Pulse Width Modulator With ACL Build A ZFF CCPWM V2 or H2O2-PWM V2
  • Physical Dimensions       W 2.25in X D 2.5in X H 0.5in  (W 5.73cm X D 6.37cm X H1.3cm)
  • Bill of Materials               Text BOMAutomatic BOM
  • Schematics                     PDF(Page 1)
  • Parts Positions               PDF(Page 1)
  • Board Layout                  Pending
  • Specifications                 PDF(Page 1 & 2)
  • Calibration                       PDF(Page 1 & 2)
  • Firmware                         Not Needed
  • Assembly Instructions     Video#8, Video#9, Video#10, Video#11
  • Operating Instructions     PDF(Pages 1 - 4)
  • Computer Software        Not Needed


Older Versions:

     PCB  V2.1.8