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H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2 - Measures Calibrated Cell Current

           Beta Testers Wanted    Beta Testers Wanted     Beta Testers Wanted     Beta Testers Wanted
Have you or are you going to order a H2O2-PWM PTH V2? The H2O2-Current Monitor V2 was designed to work with the H2O2-PWM PTH V2. It is also Compatible with the H2O2-PWM V2 or Zero Fossil Fuel CCPWM V2 or any of its Clones. This unit is a Add-on Board for the PWM's Listed above. It will provide you with a calibrated Current Output reading any time you want to take a reading. You no longer have to install your Current shunt or Break the power connection to your cell too get a current reading. Just Clip on a volt meter and read the current as a voltage on your meter, or connect an analog needle gauge and place it inside your cab to always know what your cell current is. This device requires Calibration once installed into your PWM.

Status:  4 Boards Are Available.                                                                               Current Version: V2.1.3

           Update Added Text Bill Of Materials, Assembly Instructions 9/19/2012
           Update Added Parts Position PDF 9/13/2012 
           Update Added Schematic & Auto Bill Of Materials & PayPal Link 8/29/2012 
           Update H2O2-PWM Current Monitor V2 Boards Have arive 4/1/2012
           Update H2O2-PWM Current Monitor V2 Boards will arive 4/1/2012
           Update Beta testing Starts   4/15/2012
           Update Devrlopment Starded On H2O2-PWM PTH V2  2/5/2012

The H2O2-Current Monitor V2 is entering Beta testing we need interested parties to participate. There is a $4.95 Discount on this Board. Just message me to be part of the program.  Click To Message Me!

Physical position of H2O2-Current Monitor V2 Can be mounted either Directly above or below the H2O2-PWM PTH V2, and requires only 4 wires to connect to the H2O2-PWM PTH V2.

For all you DIY guys, Here is your opportunity to make the H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2 with minimal effort. We offer The Etched board so all you have to do is populate it with the components that you have obtained. Or perhaps you are interested in a Kit that has all the parts that are needed to make this an enjoyable experience. Just utilize your soldering skills and have fun. Now if you are short on time the H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2 Board is Available Assembled and ready for you to install in a DIY case.


                                            H2O2-Current Monitor PTH V2.1.3

Raw PCB  Kit Coming Soon Completed & Tested units pcb  

Solution Graphics

Solution Graphics Solution Graphics
Beta Price $4.00 USD
Old Price $8.95 USD

Sale Price $25.00 USD
Old Price $30.95 USD

Sale Price $39.95 USD
Old Price $65.95 USD
  Solution Graphics  


Video Links:

   Operation: Video#45,



  Snapshot 1, Snapshot 2, Snapshot 3


Open Source Documents: 

  • Part Description            Current Monitor PTH V2
  • Physical Dimensions         W 2.1in X D 1.32in X H 0.55in  (W 5.3cm X D 3.4cm X H 1.4cm)
  • Bill of Materials           Text BOM, Automatic BOM
  • Schematics                  PDF(Page 1)
  • Parts Positions             PDF(Page 1)
  • Board Layout                Pending
  • Specifications              Pending PDF(Page 1)
  • Calibration                 Pending
  • Firmware                    Not Needed
  • Assembly Instructions       PDF(Page 1)
  • Operating Instructions      Pending
  • Computer Software           Not Needed