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H2O2-SensrSwt A Plus V2 - Add 3 Additional Features

H2O2-SensrSwt A Plus  Pronounced: Sensor Suite Alpha Plus. This unit is a Add-on Board for the H2O2-PWM V2. It adds 3 Features Current Monitor Output, Low Current Alarm, And Second Preset Current Limit. Click Theses Video Links to see more: Video#40 & Video#41 The only reason to order and use this PCB is if you have a H2O2-PWM V2.1.7 or older that you have made or purchased. It will add the three features listed above.

Status:  0 PCB in stock, kits and completed boards will be available soon.       Current Version: V2.1.2

           Update:   Added Text Pats List with updated Substitute Part Numbers 12/21/2012 
           Update:   Rev B Schematics are out, Changed U1 Pin Numbers to Match PCB. 2/11/2012 
           Update:   Added Parts Position & Calibration Documents, Automatic BOM 2/11/2012 
           Update:   December 23 Newly designed H2O2-SensrSwt A Plus V2.1.8 Will ship in place of 
                              the older H2O2-SensrSwt A V2.1.1 
           Update:   Added Test Procedure 11/28/2009     
           Update:   Rev C: Added Alternative Parts 10/7/2009 
           Update:   Added parts for Case  9/17/2009  

Note: This PCB  only supports Horizontal Pot Adjustment For the SenserSwt A Plus V2 and the H2O2-PWM V2

The SenserSwt A V2 has been replaced by a Commercial Manufactured PCB the SenserSwt A Plus V2 Series.


                                            H2O2-SensrSwt A Plus Plus V2.1.2

Raw PCB  Kit Coming Soon Completed & Tested pcb  
Solution Graphics Solution Graphics Solution Graphics
Sale Price $8.95 USD
Regular Price $15.95 USD

Sale Price $40.95 USD
Regular Price $40.95 USD

Sale Price $59.95 USD
Regular Price $68.95 USD
  Solution Graphics  

 Video Links:

   Video#40, Video#41



  Snapshot 1, Snapshot 2, Snapshot 3, Snapshot 4, Snapshot 5, Snapshot 6


Open Source Documents:

  • Part Description              Adds Current Monitor Output, Low Current Alarm, And Second Preset Current Limit
  • Physical Dimensions       W 2.25in X D 2.5in X H 0.5in  (W 5.73cm X D 6.37cm X H1.3cm)
  • Bill of Materials               Text BOMAutomatic BOM Note(1), Note(2) See Bellow
  • Schematics                     PDF(Page 1), PDF(Page 2), PDF(Page 3)
  • Parts Positions               PDF(Page 1)
  • Board Layout                  Pending
  • Specifications                 Pending
  • Calibration                       PDF(Page 1&2)
  • Firmware                         Not Needed
  • Assembly Instructions     Pending
  • Operating Instructions     Pending
  • Computer Software        Not Needed

       Note(1) If Parts On BackOrder See Text BOM 4 Substitute  

       Note(2) If you are connecting the H2O2-SensrSwt A Plus to an older H2O2-PWM V2 you will need 3 additional parts that make up the Riser system:  Order 2 of 649-68685-304LF   and 1 of 571-1-826947-0 this part# is already in Cart so quanity should show as 2 now.