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H2O2-PWM V2 - Pulse Width Modulation With ACL

A HHO Pulse Width Modulation Controller with Auto Current Limiting (ACL). Its Origin comes from a YouTube personality commonly referred to as ZFF or Zero. The YouTube Channel that Zero started is called Zero Fossil Fuel. There are some very interesting videos there and are worth watching. When I saw this PWM circuit I just know I had the ability to take it even further. So I set out to take what I know from working in electronic manufacturing and apply it to this board. Continued... 

Status: Superseded By H2O2-PWM Plus V2.1.8  Link To                    Current Version: V2.1.5

The new technologies are pushing manufacturing towards Surface Mount Devices, so that was my first decision, Next expandability had to be incorporated at the core of the design. The board dimension and riser system was established and locked into place. Next establish a PWM Driver Circuit to push the MosFets (The Electronic Switches) the way they are designed to be pushed, On and Off extremely fast. This reduces the amount of energy lost while the MosFet are switching and this in tern keeps the MosFets running much cooler. I have been producing this board for several years now and have dedicated all the proceeds to making this design even better, Introducing the H2O2-PWM Plus V2 A Board house manufactured PCB with the best technology I could think of right on one board. The original design is vary strong and still worth building as a DIY project, all the original Open Source Documents are listed below.


           Update:   December 23 Newly designed H2O2-PWM Plus V2.1.8 Will ship in place of the older H2O2-PWM V2.1.5

           Update:   Beta Testing Has Ended For V2.1.5 Official release date 3/3/2010
           Update:   Added Test Procedure 11/28/2009    
           Update:   Rev C: Added Alternative Parts 10/7/2009
           Update:   Added parts for Case  9/17/2009  The Case Has It Own Page Now  Link! Pending!!


This PWM adds a real punch to the original open source project and is based on the CCPWM V2 & CCPWM V2H originally designed by Zero Fossil Fuel. The H2O2-PWM V2 has been replaced by a Commercial Manufactured PCB the H2O2-PWM Plus V2 Series. Would you like to know more?                                       

                                            H2O2-PWM V2.1.5

Raw PCB  Kit Completed & Tested pcb  
Solution Graphics Solution Graphics Solution Graphics
H2O2-PWM V2.1.5
Out Of Stock

H2O2-PWM V2.1.5
Out Of Stock

H2O2-PWM V2.1.5
Out Of Stock
 Superseded Product, Order
        H2O2-PWM Plus V2
Solution Graphics
 Superseded Product, Order
        H2O2-PWM Plus V2

 Video Links:

  Operation: Video#1, Video#12, Video#13, Video#14, Video#17, Video#19, Video#21Video#22

   Assembly: Video#8, Video#9Video#10, Video#11


  Snapshot 1, Snapshot 2, Snapshot 3, Snapshot 4, Snapshot 5, Snapshot 6

Open Source Documents:

  • Part Description              Pulse Width Modulator With ACL - Auto Current Limiting
  • Physical Dimensions       W 1.9in X D 1.9in X H 0.5in  (W 5.0cm X D 5.0cm X H1.3cm)
  • Bill of Materials               Text BOM
  • Schematics                     Page 1
  • Parts Positions               TopSide Parts
  • Board Layout                  Reversed Top, Positive Top
  • Specifications                 Spec List
  • Calibration                      Test Procedure
  • Brochure                         PCB
  • Firmware                         Not Needed
  • Assembly Instructions     Video#8, Video#9Video#10, Video#11
  • Operating Instructions     See Calibration
  • Computer Software         Not Needed