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A Bit Of History

The History of Our Pulse Width Modulator

Back in September of 2008, while researching how to make an HHO Cell, I came across a YouTube video describing a Pulse Width Modulator. That video and several others along with a website provided detailed information to produce a full functional PWM. It was designed by Zero Fossil Fuel and he released the complete design into the Public Domain. The YouTube Channel that Zero produces is called Zero Fossil Fuel. When I saw this PWM circuit I just knew I had the ability to take it even further. So I set out to take what I knew from working in electronic manufacturing and applied it to this board. Continued...

The newest technologies are pushing manufacturing towards Surface Mount Devices, so that was my first decision, Next expandability had to be incorporated at the core of the design. The board dimension and riser system was established and locked into place. Next establish a PWM Driver Circuit to push the MosFets (The Electronic Switches) the way they are designed to be pushed, On and Off extremely fast. This reduces the amount of energy lost while the MosFet are switching and this in tern keeps the MosFets running much cooler. I have been producing this board for several years now and have dedicated all the proceeds to making this design even better, I have created the H2O2-PWM Plus V2, A Board house manufactured PCB with the best technology's right on one board. The original design is vary strong and still worth building as a DIY project, all the original Open Source Documents are listed On the H2O2-PWM V2 Page.

The H2O2-PWM Plus V2 has been take to the next level literally, Are you familiar with the H2O2-SensrSwt A V2, it is the first of a line of expansions Boards for the H2O2-PWM V2. It offers three useful functions, Current Monitor Output, Low Current Alarm, And Second Preset Current Limit. The H2O2-PWM Plus V2 incorporates these three functions onto the back side of the board. It will take up less space, uses less hardware, and of course the cost is less. It is truly a two PCB for the price of one.

After thinking about the development of a through hole version of the H2O2-PWM V2 for some time. It was decided that it would not be 100% compatible with the expansion system. It will not have the Riser System, However it does have connection points to connect wires that can connect to the Expansion System. The H2O2-PWM PTH V2 was designed and laid out to be friendly to those that are not comfortable soldering surface mount parts.. It is manufactured at a board house and can be configured to be 100% compatible with Zero Fossil Fuel's original ZFF CCPWM V2 design or can be built to function as a H2O2-PWM V2. Information about the H2O2-PWM PTH V2 Can be found in the DIY Projects section!

H2O2FromH2O is dedicated to the Advancement of HHO technologies and will be taking the PWM family even further, to a place that just a year ago was only a promise from others in the HHO Community. H2O2FromH2O is developing A truly Digital PWM that can be compared to the ZFF CCPWM  or H2O2-PWM Plus V2. The Future is coming!

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