H2O2 PWM V2    Full Open Source Release!

                                 Pulse Width Modulator with Auto Current Llimiting (ACL)

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       Parts list          Update: Released Revision C: Added Parts See Change List Page 4  10/07/2009

      Here is a detailed parts list and links to order them online.  



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    Board Layout                                                   


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       Parts Position




       Here is the Specification. Follow the Link.  


       Here is the Test Procedure. Follow the Link



                I have Finished the Board So what is Next, Its time to Assemble the Case, Below you will find Parts that you will need to

                complete the PWM Case Version 2.0.0. Mouser.com caries some of the mecanical parts the rest you will find at a hardware store.

                Here is a link to the 17 part series on Constructing your PWM Case V2 Starting with #23 H2O2 - PWM Case V2 Layout Part 1 of 17

        Case Design Tips    Update: Added parts for Case  9/17/2009                Web Page Format update 6/2/2010

        MosFet Placement       Insight on how to place and wire your Mosfets

                Part Name                                                                        Qantity                                                                        Part Number or Cost

Case Size 5.71 X 3.74 X 1.77 ALM

Mouser #546-1590J Hammond Diecast Aluminum Enclosures I have Confirmed Mousers will work



Fibre Shoulder Washers For #10 Screw AKA Fiber 6 Mouser #534-3238 or Keystone #3239 or equiv   I have Confirmed Mousers will work
Cable Tongue Terminals For #10 Stud 2 For Each Cable 538-19221-0452

     Do not use Stainless steel.  It has to much internal resistance. Use Steel or Brass.

#10-24 x 1" Screws   Type Steel or Brass 3  .50 Brass
#10-24 Hex Nuts    Type Steel or Brass 6  .25 Brass
#10-24 Wingnuts    Type Steel 3  .23
#10 Flat Washers     Type Steel or Brass 6  .15 Brass
#10 Split Lockwashers    Type Steel 6  .11
Crimp Lugs  Tinned Copper To Fit #10 Screw   3  Mouser Part #538-19069-0209  I have Confirmed Mousers will work


Hex  Screw / Jack Screws, To mount PCB 4 Each Mouser Part  #538-71781-0001  I have Confirmed Mousers will work
#4/40-1/4" Flat Head Screws 4 Each .09 each
#4/40-Nuts 4 Each   
#4 Split Lockwashers 8 Each   
MosFet mounting Hardware         
#6/32-1/2" Screws 4 Each .11
#6 Split Lockwashers 4 Each .10
#6 Flat Washers 4 Each     
HeatSink   1 For every 2 MOSFETS  Mouser #567-628-40AB 2.38 Ea  OPTION Use a CPU Sink 



Drill bit 1/4" to Drill Aluminum 1 4.29
Drill bit 1/16" or 5/64"to Drill Aluminum. For pilot holes. 1  
Drill bit 3/16" to Drill Aluminum 1 3.29
Conutersink 1/4 or bigger. 1  
Tread Tap #6-32NC 1 2.99
Drill bit 7/64"  For Tread Tap. To Drill Aluminum Or a #36 Drill Bit 1 3.99
Drill bit 9/64" or 5/32"  To Drill Aluminum  1  


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