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A.    H2O2- PWM V2                            HHO Pulse Width Modulation Controller with Auto
                                                        Current Limiting (ACL). Tested up to 30 Amps.  
                                                        Continuous. Temperature test looks great only 6 Deg F
                                                        above Ambient.
                                                        Update: Added Test Procedure 11/28/2009
                                                        Update: Rev C: Added Alternative Parts 10/7/2009
                                                        Update: Added parts for Case  9/17/2009
                                                       Beta Testing Has Ended For V2.1.5 Official release date 3/3/2010
                                                       Released - Click on
H2O2-PWM V2, Find Supplies at the Store Click Here

B.    ZSpan                                           The ZSpan Calibrator is a Dial Your Volt ( Dial A Source/Volt)
                                                        with 4 Channels, each with a 0 to 5 Volt output.
                                                        A switch selects the desired preset and places it on the Output.
                                                        Deluxe Prototype Version is working to expectations.
                                                        The Budget Prototype Is built and In Testing.
                                                        Almost done, Proofing parts list.
                                                        Not Ready For Distribution

C.   H2O2-PWM Driver V2                 Improve your existing PWM Unit. Add a real punch and Drive your
                                                       MosFets Crazy Like My H2O2-PWM V2 Does.Turning your MosFet's
                                                       On and Off Extremely fast will significantly reduce the MosFet's
                                                       Temperature. I suggest Installing 4 Mosfets and this unit will drive all
                                                        4 MosFet's. It is Compatable with Zero Fossil Fuel CCPWM V2 &
                                                        CCPWM V2H _No Product yet , In Alpha Testing Message Me 4 Info!

D.   H2O2-SensrSwt A                       Pronounced: Sensor Suite Alpha This unit is a
                                                        Addon Board for the H2O2-PWM V2. It adds 3 Features
                                                        Current Monitor Output, Low Current Alarm, And
                                                        Second Preset Current Limit. See Video#40 & Video#41
          Beta Testing. Would you like to Beta Test!  Click Here

E.   H2O2 Sensors                              An Array of sensors like temperature, Current output,
                                                        Current alarm. Reservoir low alarm and more.
                                                        Visual Display of Duty Cycle and Maybe Frequency

F.    PowerStick                                     A Bench or Bread board power supply for anyone!
                                                        It has a 1.5 Amp Variable Voltage Regulator. With three
                                                        adjustable output. Selectable one at a time with a small
                                                        jumper. Can combine jumpers to create stepped outputs.
                                                        Created with Surface mount technology.
                                                        Max Regulated voltage 34.5 VDC.
                                                        Part List Updated To Rev D 10/1/2009 
                                                        Released Click on PowerStick, Find Supplies at the Store Click Here

G.   Current HE                                    The HHO Community has asked for a Means to measure
                                                       Current, in an accurate low cost and reliable instrument.
                                                       This Current sensor has a range of 0 to 100Amp.
                                                       Yes, that's Right,  And will work  with your volt meter to 
                                                       display the output. Accuracy 1%. Replaces those
                                                       Expensive Clamp on meters at half the cost or less.  
                                                       Estimated Cost $26-32. SEE VIDEO Click Here
                                                       In Alpha testing, The Parts have arrived Assembly
                                                       Started! 3Rd Prototype board made, unit compared to my
                                                       Commercial Shunt  every thing look stable. it''s working
                                                       even with the PWM set at 50%. I have a working Scaled
                                                       output 0 to 1 volt out = 0 to 100amps. I am very happy with
                                                       it opperation, It will Be in Beta Testing Very Soon!

H.   H2O2 RPM                                    RPM of vehicle Controls the Amount of HHO produced.
                                                        Put on Hold










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