Beta Testers Wanted


                This area is a general link to the projects being beta tested. Below you will find a general description of
                what is expected from you and what I will do for you while you create these projects.

        1)    You must send me a privet message on YouTube and request to be a beta tester and mention the project you would like to make.
                In the message Please describe your experience with electronics so I can better respond to your questions.

        2)    I will give you all the documentation that I intend to release to the public Right now as a Beta tester. 

        3)    I will answer any Question You may have. ASAP!

        4)    I would like you to make Comments about the circuits function. Maybe a video if that is possible.

        5)    I will then place these comments on my website.

        6)    These projects are Open source hardware "Free to the world and released to the public domain. It cant be patented or Copyrighted.

                     Contact me here!

                    YouTube Messaging: Click this Link



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